This is the reference grammar I wrote for the Yuki language of Mendocino County, California, which was published as a volume of the University of California Publications in Linguistics series. This grammar focuses on Yuki, but also includes descriptions, where possible, of the closely related but less well-documented Huchnom and Coast Yuki languages. The genetic relationships of Yuki are controversial with only one language, Wappo, generally agreed on as being related to Yuki. The first chapter of the grammar contains an ethnographic and historical description of the Yuki people. The appendix contains the full two-part Yuki Creation Story recorded by Kroeber and several other interesting texts. The Yuki portions are based on the extensive notes recorded by Alfred Kroeber primarily between 1900 and 1910 and spoken by Yuki speaker Ralph Moore.

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My article for Deep Baltic about my work with the historically South Estonian-speaking Lutsi people of eastern Latvia (Latgale). This article describes some of the people and places I encountered during the years of my postdoctoral work on Lutsi as well as the history of the Lutsi people in the 20th century.

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